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Friday, May 16, 2014 Clivia R 0 Comments

Welcome to the new layout for Thank you so much for your patience while we did this revamp of our blog for 2014. Let us know what you think!

While we were much DRAMA occurred when it comes to Miami Broward One Carnival.

For those of you who missed out [hardly any one I'm sure]...we found out that MBOC announced that they would be changing the date of Carnival to the weekend AFTER Columbus day weekend.


At issue of course was why this was not discussed with the band leaders and promoters BEFORE this was announced.

Not to mention many masqueraders and out of towners who had obviously made plans and bookings in advance so they would be here in Miami for the event.

Then, on top of that the BCCI announced that based on the uproar from the community that they would be hosting a "Carnival" on the original Columbus day date. Once again ...two carnivals.


However its since been decided that they have will have One Vision - and ONE carnival on Columbus day weekend - at a venue to be announced later.

One can only imagine where this venue will be?

Hmm one can only reminisce about the days at Bicentennial Park. A true stage for the pageantry that is Carnival. A venue loved by many. We hope that this new venue where ever it is will promote  the display of the human spectacle that Carnival should be. Where masquerader is performer...and the patrons are the adoring audience.

We will update as soon as we know what this venue is..and hope that we can stick to the ONE CARNIVAL vision.

As of the date of the date of this post there has been no announcement of the  venue.

Again, thanks for your patience while we cleaned up.

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It's time for the new season people. Cant wait to have you around for the ride.

Where do you think this new venue will be? Post your suggestions in the comments below.