Recycled Costumes - Curioser and Curioser!!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009 Clivia R 3 Comments

Things are getting so interesting!

I jus read on Saucy and Sweet 7 that Carnival Nationz is offering its masqueraders in Toronto carnival the chance to play mas in Miami. I Mean a two for one deal is always good in this economy.

But...I know though that MCI has always stated that bands who use costumes that were used in another carnival were not able to compete for the prize money. In fact bands that we KNOWWW buy left over costumes from Triniad Carnival have to RE-DRESS the that they dont get called out as full on Recycling. And believe me they DO GET called out!! Behind the scenes drama in Miami is off the chain!!

For the most part though bands in the MCI carnival have done their own production/assembling yes it gets dog eat dog if they THINK youre using costumes from a prior Carnival is Bacchanal!!!

I wonder how they're gonna deal with that too? And do the masqueraders really care if their band is getting Judged or not?

So many questions for this One Carnival Committee?? I cant wait to get the answers..



Anonymous said...

how do you get involvrd and get to rock a costume!?!? what do you have to do or who do you have to know?

Etremely interested

Cliviaalana said...

Anonymous...YOu don't have to KNOW anybody. I can speak for my band in particular, you start off as a new comer, and the entire band usually adopts you.

Strangely my next post is gonna be about how a mas newbie can go about finding information about all the bands, pricing and information about playing mas in Miami.. so check back later tonight.k?

Thanks for checking out my blog

Anonymous said...

okay! I'm checking but don't see a blog about new comers. i'll keep checking back tho! thanks!