Custom Made Carnival Supplies (CMCS)

Saturday, July 21, 2012 Drunk or Sober Mind yuh Bizness 3 Comments

We found another SBTC (Something Besides the Costume) supplier.

I randomly ran into Custom Made Carnival Supplies while browsing as usual. From their facebook page, they "offer a wide range of carnival services all in an effort to enhance your carnival experience.  No matter where you may be we're here to serve you :"

It appears like they supply both wholesale and retail a host of carnival accessories and services. Including:
- Decorated wire bras done to your taste
- Custom made corsets
- Decorated regular bras
- Monokini's
- Monokini (with wire bra)
- Collar - small, medium and large
- Backpacks
- Tiara
- Boot (decorated and undecorated)
- Carnival underwear (Hot shorts and panties)

What I saw from them that I liked that led me to search some more was a wire bra that they had done, but they also do collars and boots!!

Check out their facebook page for more information:


*All pictures taken from their facebook page*



Anonymous said...

When I saw the first picture, I was thinking that looks like my IP bra this year in another color oui, then i scrolled down and see the woman in the IP FL costume, lol...hmmmmm

Hmmmm. So everyone in IP FL had that bra? lol

Anonymous said...

Something to that effect...some people changed theirs like the girl in the costume because the fit just wasn't right at all...i was very upset with mine and had to be fixing all the time...but oh well