Miami Carnival Update

Friday, May 23, 2014 Drunk or Sober Mind yuh Bizness 0 Comments

So far it has been quite an interesting start of Carnival period in Miami with the initial announcement of a change of date that caused an uproar that eventually became a "new venue" situation. Though we still await the announcement of a new venue from the organizers bands are still moving forward with their preparations.

There has been major moves and adjustments for 2014 already and I am excited to see how things continue to develop.

RedAntz J'ouvert and Euphoria Mas have broken up with Red Antz now joining forces with Generation X. who are launching their J'ouvert band on June 28th. And Euphoria Mas is now bringing their own J'ouvert Band "Dutty Pleasures".

We have seen the announcement of the last farewell of China Mas. The band that has been around and was basically known as Miami Carnival has opted out of this year's carnival and moving forward. They shared this via their Facebook profile:

But in light of their exit new band Carnival Republic is here and is already creating a buzz as word of well renowned Trinidadian designer Sandra Hordatt is on their team.

Things are going to heat up more soon as we already see launch dates for June by a couple of bands but there are still a lot of questions in the air.

Will Carnival Nationz Miami be returning this year?

When will MBOC announce this "new" venue?

Would this new venue come at a cost to masqueraders and the parade route?

Would it be a park, parking lot, road, backyard?

Is that Bunji and Fay I see on that Rave flyer?

Are we going to see amazing costumes from camps that "brought it" last year? 

I am ready for some launches!!