First Post - 2015 - Band Launch - Island Gems - Ancestors of the Caribbean

Friday, June 26, 2015 Clivia R 0 Comments

Its Full blast band launch season and this is my first post! Yeah I'm slacking. I need an intern...
but on to the post..

Today's Review is Island Gems Band Launch

Island Gems is not new to the Miami Market. Its Fronted by a husband and wife duo Lesel and Peter who graciously invited me to their launch.

This group has grown exponentially over the past few years starting of as section producers and finally establishing their own band.

Their launch was at a venue that was new to me -.Studio 504.  I arrived on Island time to be met by the Soca Ranch Truck outside [thank god Shrimp Burgers] and fairly quiet parking lot However as we went inside the venue cleverly camouflaged the size of the venue and its set up. A large dance floor and stage at the end of a hallway - intersected by the bar and small waiting /admission area. Quite Nice - except it was a little hot when the room filled up. Maybe it was a ploy to sell more drinks - I think it worked.

Any way.. on to the costumes. Designed by Mas Brothers - an already established entity in Miami Carnival - known for their traditional designs, attention to detail and clean execution.

Their presentation is Ancestors of the Caribbean  and they are an all inclusive premium band.

African Pride

there is is still one section that has not been revealed that is being designed by local Doshynko.

What I especially love about this band, is that in an era of nakedness, and barely there, of bling and feathers - this band caters to all sizes, shapes, all levels of maturity, all levels of reveal. The designs really encourage all ages and sizes to come play mas. There is an option for every body type. Its an amazing spirit of inclusiveness.

I must also say that from the minute you entered the event there was a feeling of family and togetherness from the staff. From the DJ's to the Hype man to the costume assistants to the committee members. Everyone - This felt like an old school family band and I hope it continues to translate that way to their masqueraders.


Designer; Mas Brothers and Doshynko
Instagram: None
Registration Status - Open
Extras - This band has regular Fish Friday Events that I have heard are worth the trip.
Other Ventures:  Jouvert Band - Mischief Makers
Candid Pics from the Launch can be seen in our Costume Gallery Here: