Miami Carnival 2007 Masquerader Check List

Wednesday, September 19, 2007 Clivia R 1 Comments

Okay so the Parade starts at NOON!


okay okay lets start over...

The Parade is SUPPOSED to start At noon.
Based on my experiences wtih this route this is my advice.

Do not park your car at the beginning of the route.

Right then your hype and full of energy so you good. Imagine after you jumping, and drinking and eating...and the adrenaline wear now have to walk ALLLLLL the way back ...the ENTIRE ROUTE!! AGAIN...with your mash up gym boots and sore feet....[well unless you take a taxi] but you know what I mean.

Find the Sunblock..Miami Sun not easy...i buy the highest SPF I can and every year i turn into Chocolate Clivia right after...sigh..sun block
Sunglasses necessary..i know to find a place to put them sometimes is a drag ...but you will need them. Plus if you intend to run back and jump up with Natural Freaks some times all you pretty makeup does wash off...or if like some people you get kidnapped and put in a shopping basket and wheeled away unwillingly you sometimes return to your mas band covered in blue or brown mud...sunglasses make everything better.

Minimal supplies ...jus like probably wont need it except for a Taxi back to your if you park like a jackass and you get towed...hahaha....lip gloss, Tampon, wet wipe.

If the people give you a band...WEAR the blasted band...and don't give the band away to your cousin who not playing mas but you want them to get into the park. If you in costume...and you don't have on the MCI band....they don't care bout the MAS BAND band...your pretty costumed ass will be left outside the park. I HAVE SEEN IT!!! it's not pretty.

Closed Toe shoes. Nuff Said. If not...they fair game...simple
TRY TRY to reach for noon. *Straight face*. After the fete the night before...jus...doh sleep...cause even if you there by 1..and they ain't move off...the whole point is building your TRY to reach for noon.

Don't cuss up the people that work in the drinks trunk. They busy. Is plenty people. PLUS we tipsy in hot just wait your turn or take two at a time. Please remember as in everything else ...pace yourself.

YES they have porto potties. NOOO this is not Trinidad so don't try to go round a corner and pee. Thats why the clean up bill does be so high for the carnivals. SO save the pee and protect your carnival venue!!!

Watch out for them Nasty Camera Men. The year of elation two weeks later we saw footage of some of our masqueraders who OBVIOUSLY were not aware that they were being Photographed LIKE THAT!! Some NASTY men go out there and only shoot for a CERTAIN THING! The reputable ones will be branded with who they are and where theyre From. So careful

Lastly....enjoy it...enjoy it...enjoy it...and then get ready for Las Lap the next Day


Bagogyul said...

Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes.
Take Heed we are Miami Carnival veterans!