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Saturday, August 18, 2012 Drunk or Sober Mind yuh Bizness 2 Comments

Most people that know me know that I am NOT a picky costume chooser. It doesn't take much to please me with a costume. I am not a big fan of headpieces. It would have to be spectacular looking for me to say I am keeping that on all day. I love a decorated bra and a thin belt. Arm pieces are optional. I like to see feathers, on other people. Lol. So these picks are costumes that I like based on my own preferences of "not too much fuss". You may see a few with fuss that I like, but in real life I know I won't wear half of the things.

So in no specific order:

GenX's Hurricane FL or Section Leader:

Surprisingly I like the headpiece and the detail of the bra. This on the road with the sunlight is going to be amazing!!

Carnival Nationz Miami - Carib Empires

Now this is my kind of costume. There is not much of anything but the headpiece which is dramatic yet simple in the same breathe. The colours on this is A-mazing!!

China Mas - Trini is Heaven (what a name)

Again I am a minimalist. But I do really love the detail on the bra and belt.

Euphoria Mas - Rebirth (minus the headpiece)

Carnival Nationz - Mayan Backline & FrontLine

I would wear the headpiece on this costume all day!! I the detail on the whole piece I also love. Don't like tassels but would put that aside for this costume.

Euphoria Mas - Envy

There's not much on this costume, but I really like the shade of green used. And the head piece with the horn stood out for me.

Ramajay Mas with One Island - Empower

Luv this for me. Minimal but with some drama on the legs. The headpiece is not too much so I would wear it for the day.

Honourable mention

Ascension Mas - Africana Backline

I seem to have a love/hate relationship with this costume. If I look at it too hard I don't like it anymore.

Generation X - Tsunami

There is a bit too much going on with this costume for my liking but I think it wins for the best colours this year.

There's also a mascots international section that I like but I can't seem to get much info or closer pics for that band. 

Wassi Ones still to come, so this list may change.

What are your picks?



Loli said...

I agree with you about Hurricane! I know that head piece is going to sparkle well in the light! For Carnival Nationz, I was so very impressed by what they had up on their site-- 'til I found out that was for Caribana. I was much less impressed with what they have for Miami. I like the "busy" costumes, so far me the Mayan was the best and only costume I'd wear--but it's sold out. For China Mas I like heaven, but since I'm a busy girl I like Bird Sanctuary best. Ramajay with the wire bra is hot! But where can we see the full line of costumes for them?

Well ramajay is coming with big and strong. You can see the costumes on big and strong's website.