Costume Pick Up - GenX and CNZ

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Generation X:

GENERATION-X Costume Pick-Up Schedule
• TORNADO/SANDSTORM Wednesday Oct. 3rd
• WHIRLPOOL Wednesday Oct. 3rd
• LANDSLIDE Thursday Oct. 4th
... • EARTHQUAKE/VOLCANO Thursday Oct. 4th
• MALES & SPECIAL ORDERS Saturday Oct. 6th

Anyone wishing to have their costume picked up by someone else must send a signed note authorizing that person to do so.
Masqueraders - It is extremely important that you read the instruction letter in your costume bag.

7640 NW 25th ST Miami, FL 33122 UNIT #103

Carnival Nationz:

Costume Distribution - Empires
Please carefully read the information below.
These are the ONLY distribution times.
If you have to pick up outside of these scheduled times, please make timely arrangements for your costume to be picked up. Contact a committee member! Any costumes not picked up at the end of the day on Friday will be considered forfeited and sold.

What do I Bring?
All of these things:
A copy of your Receipt reflecting the payment of your deposit.
A copy of your deposit ticket paying your deposit.
A copy of your registration form.
If you are picking up for someone else - a Copy of their receipt, and registration form and an email or printout acknowledging that they authorized you to pick up your costume on their behalf.

I dont have my registration form??
If you do not have a copy of your regustration form please send an email to along with your name and section so that a copy can be emailed to you.
As always feel free to reach out to any committee member for more information!!
See you in the Mas Camp and We Ready for the Road!!