Generation X Issues an Apology to their Masqueraders

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October 9, 2012

To our Masqueraders,

For the past twelve years Generation X has strived to give our Masqueraders the best experience possible while participating in the Miami-Broward Carnival. From the third year of existence our band has been the largest participant in Carnival, growing each year to our current high.  Our growth from 1,000 last year to 1,500 this year (50%) was a bit too much all at once. 

We always pride ourselves on good customer service and giving value for money, but unfortunately this year we fell short on many levels and would like to extend our sincerest, most heartfelt apologies to all.
There were challenges this year because of this rapid growth and the manufacturer of our special orders (Whole-pieces, Monokinis, Bustiers & Wire Bras) was a big disappointment, but we take full responsibility and will rectify.  Many masqueraders did not come on their scheduled costume pick-up day, but waited until Friday and Saturday when other sections were scheduled which compounded the delay.  This, combined with the late arrival of the remaining male costumes caused a huge backup at Mas Camp which we were unprepared for.

On the road we tried to ensure an extra enjoyable experience, but again fell short as our liquor truck was unable to handle the constant flow of revelers even though we had 80 feet of bar and eighteen staff on that truck. Our food truck fell prey to hot temperatures and a long three hour wait before the start of the parade which resulted in spoilt food (rice) which had to be dumped (this was also the case with four other bands). Once again, we offer our sincerest apologies.

Gen X has been around for thirteen years and never before experienced these problems. Whether it was those who stood in long lines at Mas Camp, returned more than once to pick up costumes, or may not have been able to get their costumes, the ball was dropped and no amount of apology will negate that experience now.  We ask for your patience as we investigate and satisfy all complaints and will get back to each masquerader individually who was affected adversely and make it right. Again, our sincere apologies, this will not happen again.

The Gen X family will be stepping back and taking a long, hard look at all aspects of our band with an eye towards a complete overhaul of procedures and an evaluation of where we go from here.

We thank you for choosing to play mas with us this year and wish to apologize once again for any adverse experience that may have affected you.  We also thank you for joining us on the road and leading us to honors as Generation X was again named Band of the Year and Best Music on the Road.


Generation X Committee