Bender Ball - Getting ready!

Sunday, September 16, 2007 Clivia R 6 Comments

Sooo your girl getting her things together for the Carnival festivities...

unlike some of allyou i don't have to worry about flight and hotel.

But I still hadda plan out the outfits so after I stumble into the house in the morning and hadda get ready for the next thing I aint wasting time trying to figure out what to wear.

On top of this I am on my carnival at least TONE up to fit into my Peacock costume..which is a SKINNY waist band WITH a you know the little lower belly bulge that women always trying to get rid of gonna be displayed...sigh..Don't blame me..blame the designer..hahahahah!! I digress.

SOOO in preparation for the carnival I ordered the Bender ball...a little green ball that looks like a child's beach ball that comes with a DVD of exercises.

After taking two weeks to get here...EACH day I checking the blinking mail box for the finally arrives.

In the box is the ball deflated with two straws and a plug for the hole in the top. So I'm thinking... Dais all?

Anyways I set up the schedule....if I wake up an hour earlier ,I could do my ball have a cup a coffee , get ready for work..and then do another half hour in the afternoon.

So finally I put in the dvd...apparently there are two sets of directions on the dvd.
One for abs, one for buns.

Leslie, the instructor starts off by giving instructions on how to blow up the ball.. DUHHH

I do that check..
and then they start with the tape.

Beginner's move.
The premise is this ball sits at the base of your spine that while youre doing your ab workout, your stomach muscles are constantly engaged. Makes sense..

Beginner's exrcise...EASY like ok...i could do

Mind you its boring music..and she does NOT have iron clad abs hmm?? And its not a set workout so you can put in the tape do your sets and done.

But so far so good.

Then I got to the 2nd level...where you lean your back further back so you a have a more intense angle to work the abs more.

Your girl was shaking like Vibrate on your cellphone.

I'm sure my neighbour thought something was wrong. By the third one where your working the obliques i was ACTIVELY SCREAMING!!

Lord pressure. The third level had me sweating...and SCREAMING...when I finished I was curled up in a ball like baby. But this crap works!! I could touch the muscles and feel the taughtness.

I've advanced now to setting up a thirty minute "BOY" playlist... so while "You" and "Miss Good Reputation" going...I do the exercises in the order I learned them.

So far so good.
very worth the 20.00!! And people are noticing the results ..all the better

Try it!!


The Wonderer said...

I want it!!!!!!!!!!!

CNDN-in-FL said...

Good for you girl. A set of abs makes the Bammsie look all the more round! :-)

Deri said...

It IS good, isn't it?!

Anonymous said...


OK, so I get the mechanics of it and trust that it works, I want one too.
However, I've heard that after purchase, the company continues to charge customers, for items that you did not order, did that happen to you thus far?? If not then I getting it!

dancilhoney said...

This ball exercise is safe and highly effective way to build muscle and stretch at the same time. Love 'it.

Honey from exercise ball

Bender Ball said...

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