Soca Paradise & Euphoria Mas - Karma

Monday, July 23, 2012 Drunk or Sober Mind yuh Bizness 0 Comments

So Euphoria Mas won out to the band launches to attend on July 21st. Truck stop was RAM!! I got there about just after 1am a bit concerned that the costumes may have gone on earlier than the usual 2am we have gotten accustomed to but as I pulled into a parking spot I realized that the models were still dressing. 

Sometime before carnival launches even started someone asked me about truck stop and band launches and I said I would not want to have a band launch there, just because of the set up. Soca Paradise is always a ram out fete session but for a band launch I didnt see it. It lacked something, IMO that a band launch needed to have. They said I was spoilt. lol. So when I realised that Euphoria was having their launch there I was a bit skeptical of how, for the viewers, it was going to pan out. And it was a feat.

The models came on stage about after 2 sometime. I'm not sure. I was a bit delirious at that time from the heat. It is usually very hot at that venue but Saturday it was exceptionally hot and it was packed. Attempts to get closer to see was a bit futile. They did a nice extension of the stage I must add that allowed the models to walk off of the stage into the crowd a little. I would have preferred that the stage come down the middle so that people could have seen from either sides. At one point people were standing on tables blocking out the back part of the crowd from seeing anything. Seeing the costumes on display was hard and I felt like it wasn't necessarily the main focus of most of the patrons who more came to fete than see the presentation.

Now to the costumes. Euphoria Mas' presentation for 2012 is dubbed "Karma". They have 6 sections: Insidious, Violet Flame, Spiritism, Envy, Tranquilty and Rebirth. On stage my favourite was the white frontline Rebirth. It looked good from the distance we were at. I really liked the look the backpack gave on the model. But I'm not seeing that FL pic on their site for registration. Looking at their pictures online though I am liking the belt of Insidious. I'm not too sure of Violet Flames belt at all or that flower on the leg piece. I like envy for a basic costume. I especially like the horn in the headpiece and the detail of the snake in the male's chest. Overall the costumes didn't wow me into excitement but additionally I wasn't turned off by them. Well except the flower belt in Violet and the leg piece lol. I can see Euphoria getting their sections filled.

I am very pleased that they have their website up and ready for registration the next day (or it may have been the night of). Costume prices are very good for all inclusive Females $170 and Males $165. I am going to assume that these are base prices and requests for boyshorts, tankinis, monokinis which are offered and Front Line costumes which are not shown on the site (wonder why) are going to be additional.

Take a closer look at Euphoria's Costumes: euphoriamas

As to Soca Paradise, it was the usual back yard jam that everyone enjoys. The rain came down a while after trying to help abate some of the heat. It didn't succeed and I left not long after.