Party Room Squad - Interview

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I was able to have a little interview with Party Room Squad's Band leaders who provided a little insight into the band. Quite an interesting read.

1. Who is Party Room Squad?
The Party Room Squad is an organization that not only participates in the Miami Broward One Carnival but also is very involved with many worthwhile projects year-round.

Immediately following the carnival we jump right into a food drive to assist many in celebrating the Thanksgiving Holiday.  Last year, with the assistance of our masqueraders and a few of our sponsors, we supported over two hundred families to enjoy the holiday celebration.  

After Thanksgiving we proceed to our Holiday Toy Drive.   Last year we donated over three hundred toys to a host of churches and police departments.

We also provided some back-to-school supplies to our adopted elementary school.

We participate in other functions to enhance and showcase our rich Caribbean culture.

2. Who is your niche market?

Party Room Squad does not have a specific niche; we rather refer to ourselves as an INTERNATIONAL BAND.  Everyone is welcomed to join.  Any and all flags participate with the Party Room Squad.

3. How hard is it to bring a carnival band continuously for carnival?

The band is not an issue – It’s the constant changes in requirements, venue and rules.  We have lost not only masqueraders but also sponsors.  Many of our past sponsors have stated that the Carnival in South Florida does not do anything for their exposure so therefore, they would rather donate/sponsor to other events.  Business is business, so I understand and can’t fault them for their decision, but that creates a burden on the band to fund everything required.

4. Are you an all inclusive band?

Party Room Squad is an all-inclusive band.  We provide Food and drinks on the road.

5. Who are the djs for your band for 2012?

This year, DJ Alex and Deeinspekta D Original will provide the music  on the road.

6. Please give us a little more insight into your theme "Masquerade".

The theme “MASQUERADE” portrays a masked ball for our invited guests which are all in the entertainment industry.  Showgirls, dancers, actors and actresses will enjoy the night as they make their way through the city.

7. If I am interested in playing with you guys for 2012 what is the process for registration?

An interested masquerader can go to the web-site and view the costumes.  After which they can send an e-mail or call us.  We will in turn respond and get the necessary information.  Deposits or full payments can be done via paypal or a check can be sent to cover the expense.

8. Who does the costume design/production? And how early does this start after the last carnival?

Generally, I design and produce my own costumes locally.  My committee and I usually discuss themes around November and I begin the process of creating the prototype of the costumes by mid-February.  The designs are then produced for display on mannequins.

9. Where do you see your band in five years?

Hopefully, the group will increase in size as the years’ progress.  With a larger group, I hope to be able to give more to the community when the need arises.

10. What do you think the Miami Broward One Carnival committee can do to improve the carnival experience for both the bands and the masqueraders?

The committee should attempt to include the various ethnicities in the Miami Broward vicinity to increase the exposure that will be afforded to sponsors.  The region that is focused on I believe limits the outreach capabilities.  Think small, see small and we get small.

11. Is this a profitable venture for party room squad? Or is it done out of love for the culture.

The love of the culture is the main reason for this venture.  I enjoy the experience and look forward to the joyful expressions on the faces of my masqueraders every time we go on the road, at a cultural event or when we provide the needed assistance during the year.
The Party Room Squad's presentation for 2012 is dubbed Masquerade. They have 5 sections:

1001 Nights


Chocolate City

Emerald City


The Party Room Squad can be contacted for registration and more information with the listed methods:

Band: Party Room Squad
Band Leaders: Carl and Micky Montes
Contact number: Mas Camp 305-625-0492