Makeup...Carnival Faces

Wednesday, July 18, 2012 Drunk or Sober Mind yuh Bizness 0 Comments

I have been asking around for MUAs that do sets for Miami carnival. I didn't get much answers cause most people that I asked did their own makeup. In my search this week though I ran into a tweet that directed me to Carnival Faces.

From their website seems like they are not based in Miami but also work in Trinidad and Tobago, Antigua and Barbados and they hold the title of "leader in Carnival Artistry along with the champions of having a darn good". Trudy Young started Carnival Faces in 2004 for Miami carnival and since then it has crossed the waters to many other carnivals.

They do work by appointments and bookings can be done on their website: Carnival Faces

Check out their facebook page and keep up to date with when they start booking for Miami 2012:

Have you used carnival faces before?? What was your experience??