2009 Miami Broward One Carnival - Tshirt Bands or Not

Monday, July 06, 2009 Clivia R 3 Comments

Historically Miami Carnival committee has limited the amount of T-Shirt Bands in their carnival. I kind of understand their reasoning in that it detracts from the creativity and display that is associated with a true Carnival.

Outside of Natural Freaks in the parade, most bands have to adhere to the policy of a costume: In this case A Headpiece, wristbands, a neck piece and decorated belt.....to qualify as a costume. Bands that were adorned in a T-shirt could not possibly be judged in the same category as other bands who made the effort of creating a FULL costume, and they were judged as such.

Natural Freaks I BELIEVE were considered a MUD band - and a mud band is as inherent to carnival as the costumed bands. So they were afforded that distinction. But even they had to conform and have at least ONE costumed section in their presentation.

At many a MCI meeting arguments would break out between costumed bands as to why Natural Freaks was being allowed the PLEASURE of being the last band on the road. The reasoning was - They're a mud band. You don't want them dirtying up the pretty mas.

[What they didn't say is that the stragglers love this band....and that the crowd following them is so large that crowd control demands that they are last. I'm speaking for myself as a veteran mas player in Miami. After I cross the stage in my pretty costume..BEST BELIEVE I running back to catch Natural Freaks for a dutty jump up]

Broward Carnival though has been less stringent in the past about what defines a costume band. Tshirt and Camo bands abounded, but this too was an outlet for those who couldn't or wouldn't spend the higher cost of Pretty Mas. I'm intrigued to find out what the middle ground of this situation will be. Meetings re scheduled soon for the band leaders and the registered bands and hopefully this will be addressed then. I'll make sure to give you the details of the outcome.

I hope the decision is one that will keep all the varied types of masqueraders happy and participating.



This topic is actually something that I am very concerned about. For my first Miami carnival experience (2007), we jumped with Natural Freaks in Miami. And I can say that Blue, Camo and Mud was one of the best mas experiences in life!! It ranked up there w/ my Insomniacs Jouvert 2KWine!! Last year, we tried a different route and played with the Kaiso Krew in Broward. Now it wasn't up there with Natural Freaks, but it was def a day that went down in books!! Bare drinks, rude winin, and of course plenty mud!! Whereas in NF, we only got the rude winin :-) So, with Miami coming up fast, I'm anxious to see will all the dutty bands of Broward make their way to Miami? And if so, will the vibe be the same, with big band NF holding the dutty band title in Miami?? Either way, I know that Miami/Broward One Carnival is my officially dutty mas carnival! Ah cyah wait!!!!

Natural Freaks actually had costumes last year, hence the theme "Mud, Mas, and Camo" last year. I was one of the section leaders and had a full costumed section which included a headpiece and the works (hey, I even did a frontline back pack for someone in my section.) I already started to design costumes for Natural Freaks in Miami.

So, yes Natural Freaks does produce costumes and will be coming with costumes again this year.

Both Clivia's designing costumes for Miami Carnival. LOL

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Girl I ALWAYS cross the stage and RUN back to catch Natural Freaks...