Uhm...Shoes Anyone?

Friday, July 31, 2009 Clivia R 0 Comments

SOO...I'm already looking for boots to play mas in...for both Miami and Trinidad. After browsing Sweet 7 this morning...I started my annual search for my carnival boots, especially since I intend to break them in good and proper before I have to use them.

Over the years I've found a couple places that I go back to to check for boots. I play mas in Heels..In FLORIDA!! and for Trinidad this year, the plan is for a wedge heel - My feet ache when I wear flats.

So I figured I'd share them here:

There's Shoe Ocean
Price Range $36.00 to as Low as $10.00

Their boots run the gamut of colors and Heel styles, and the prices are so good that you can buy 3 at time and not have the guilt trip after! They also offer free shipping on orders over $100.00. What I like about them is that I can put in my shoe size, and like a personal shopper, bring up all the shoes available in your size.

I looked at these today :
Am I giving Hints???

I especially like the Camel one...because you can dress it to suit whatever youre wearing with a little paint and feathers and ..STUFF!! The most expensive of these is $30.00

There's also my constant fall back My Diva's Closet ...but that's not even secret!!.
Every carnival Diva I know goes to this site
Their boots though are usually on the HIGH side... Like these!

Then there's Gojane.com

Their options on flats are extensive, and their clearance prices sometimes drop as low as $10.00 so you can have options!! Check these out! That yellow one is $8.50!!!

Happy Shopping!!