Blogger Blessings

Monday, July 06, 2009 Clivia R 0 Comments

I feel so BLESSED today. I wanted to thank two bloggers that i stalk on a regular basis for giving me a referral on their own popular blogs.

First I have to thank Saucy of Trinidadcarnivaldiary as referring me as her go to for info on Miami Carnival. PRESSHA now I cant ignore my blog and watch HGTV instead..I have to be worthy of the honor. Thank you Saucy!

And secondly I have to thank for her blessings too. I read This blog daily right after I get my mediatakeout fix in the I run to her blog for some daily insight. Like I told Patty, you never know where you are gonna find your motivation and inspiration for the day , and her blog has been that for me on many an occasion.

Thank you ladies...Keep writing...cause I'm reading :)