Miami-Broward One Carnival 2009 - Where you staying??

Thursday, July 02, 2009 Clivia R 0 Comments you decide you coming for Carnival in Florida. Smart move.

So...where are you gonna stay? With your aunty that live there but that gonna lock you out when she realize day break reach and you ain't home yet?

Or with your friend from college who boyfriend act like he is a real sadist...and don't want people in he space?

Or your uncle who wake you up at 7am when you JUST reach home to feed you oatmeal for breakfast? Or how about if you decide you gonna "VISIT" a friend but you know you cant bring them home.

For some of you that don't have a cool ass relative me... who don't care that six people on the floor in long as they driving themselves and you ain't have to pay for for them to get in the fetes...I suggest Extended stay Hotels. They have both suites and studios.

Now mind you , if you wanna turn the carnival weekend into a mini spa get away relax fest.....feel free to check out the Loews, Doubletree, the Delano, go right ahead.

But if you balling on a budget, and you really using to the room to S^&t, shower and shave....and you just wanna warm up some coffee in the morning and then hit the road...i suggest the Extended Stay Hotels.

And I'm not speaking generally, Ive stayed in them myself. Just try not to find one close to TRAIN TRACKS!! cause ahm...yeah...well.

BUT I digress, these places are clean, modern and fare way better than the motel. With double occupancy its even better....and all the money you save you can then put into a rental car. Most of them actually do packages with Hertz and you can get a discounted rate on your rental with a package deal.

All suites come with a fully-equipped kitchen, appliances and linens, Unlimited local phone use, a computer data port and personalized voice mail, Housekeeping and guest laundry facilities,Select properties offer exercise centers and pools.Wi-Fi high speed Internet access available in every room - chain wide!!

In ft Lauderdale from Friday to Friday, October 9th to the 16th [cause i checked] rooms start at 39.99 f0r double occupancy. In Miami, rooms start at 64.99 for double occupancy a night. Of course in Miami rates are higher...but it's more central. If you're planning to rent a car, it doesn't matter much because once on the turnpike everything is 15 minutes away!

Next Thing. Flying into Ft Lauderdale is always Cheaper! So Is staying there. Fares on everything is cheaper..and like I said the drive is 15 minutes to everywhere. I've also noted that the hotels seems to be more clean and well maintained.

So book early and Ball on a budget!