The Broward/Miami Dilemma 2007 *** Sigh

Wednesday, August 01, 2007 Clivia R 0 Comments

So, since I Have no set Band affiliation yet for "Carnival in Florida,"...*shakes head* which is what I have to call it now, I guess it gives me the leeway to be a little philosophical about the state of our Carnival.

As a person who's been involved in the Carnival process for as long as I have been in the US, it's no surprise to me when things remain up in the air, circling, without a set result or outcome until the last possible moment. It's not an easy thing for bandleaders, or section leaders, or designers, or even masqueraders to deal with. Because all of them, all of US, make decisions based on a supposed prediction of outcome - my people like THIS environment, they live in THIS area, they love THIS experience - and with little or no cards on the table, those are very hard choices to make.

On top of that, the lack of ready, constructive, RELIABLE information on the progress of either entities with the process of their individual events, and the rapid RUMORMILL that is sooo prevalent here [you swear your in Trinidad and Tobago] makes a intelligent decision by anyone increasingly difficult because the very elements of critical accurate decision making-i.e. all the relevant information - accurate data from credible sources, are not there. And even if the sources are credible, things change from minute to minute and you are left in a precarious position of having made a decision that may end up with a negative result on your masqueraders, your band ,your placement, and your PROFIT. You cannot predict the outcome, or how it will affect your decision. You’re just running blind.

I remember being soooo excited earlier in the year, when the FACT [mind you i said FACT] that the two carnival entities, Miami Carnival, Inc., and Broward Caribbean Carnival had done the beautiful, Wonderful, selfless thing of uniting the carnivals - for the BENEFIT OF ALL!! I could not believe it. I didn't care about the concessions each would have to make.

All I saw was sacrifice - for ME- the MASQUERADER- all of us together, family one in one county feeling left out even if in separate bands, one place for the Jump up, sacrifice for ME - The PATRON - all in one place- didn't have to miss any of the spectacle, or run from one place to the other in a mad dash , sacrifice for me - the ARTIST, THE DESIGNER, THE PRODUCER the best possible audience to see my work, my sweat, my toil, my vision. And i loved them all for it.

They Teased Me. A Flash. I saw:


They Even had a flyer. See. I'm showing it, and a website - and a catch phrase - ONE CARIBBEAN ONE PEOPLE. See?

Now it says to check another website for information, But it was there.

A few weeks later you heard though - through the rumormill - I'm unsure if there was a formal statement by either party- that Negotiation's had broken down, and both entities would do their separate carnivals.

I was heartbroken. Completely Heartbroken.

Anyways as it stands now, we are having two separate carnivals, and people are having to choose where they will be at the risk of missing something else. It's such a painful thing for me. The Carnival experience in Florida is sometimes the closest thing that Trinidadian national, much less smaller island people have to experiencing a Carnival in the likeness of their own without having to leave the United States.

For some of us going back is a privilege, not an option. How wonderful it would have been to be able to do this - together- UNITED. But this , unfortunately is not going to happen.

What makes things even more full of turmoil is the lack of information on either side on what and who will be participating in either Carnival . People would Love the option to make an educated choice - based on their preferences, their resources, their residence. Bands have the added uncertainty of not being sure if they RUMORMILL information is accurate or not. Some have taken to not specifically saying what Carnival they will be participating in to ensure that THEY don't pass on false information to their entrusts - their masqueraders - only to have to change their information at the lat minute and appear indecisive and fickle.

Miami Carnival Inc. Has up dated its website to reflect a 2007 Carnival Date on their entry page, but the information on the inside reflects the 2006 information and parade of bands. The same can be said for the Broward Carnival site.

I hope that separately they soon provide us with information so that people can decide where and when they will be. With the influx of out of town patrons and the planning that goes into people making the hiatus to Florida for the weekend, a lot of planning and decisions are being delayed till the last possible moment because you cant decide on a plan of action until you see what your HARD options are.

So until we know for sure ...Welcome to the Miami or Broward Carnival!!

FACTS [make that information ]AS OF THIS DATE(as seen on the website):
Broward Caribbean Carnival is on Sunday October 7th
The Parade of Bands will be held on Sunday, October 7th, 2007. The parade route begins and ends inside the beautiful and majestic park grounds. The Miramar Regional Park is located 1 mile west of I-75 on the northeast corner of Miramar Parkway and 172nd Avenue. This 173-acre park consists of many exciting amenities to enjoy. Along the parade route inside the park the masqueraders will be judged as they compete for the coveted honor and top prize of Band of The Year, in addition to several individual honors in a variety of categories.
Tickets for Carnival 2007 will be sold through our website or BCCI approved outlets beginning September 7, 2007. Regular admission is $20 and Kids from 6-15 are $10 each. Parking at the venue is $5 per vehicle. Arrive early and stay late. under 6 is free.
Miami Carnival is on Sunday October 7th
Venue is yet to be revealed on the website.
(I will update as i know more)

Miami Carnival is on Sunday October 7th