Profilers- Walshy Killa

Friday, August 31, 2007 Clivia R 7 Comments

Just so you know, the male model you see on the Vibrationzz website is not just another model
He's Walshy Killa, the girls dem [he gonna kill me for this] One of THE MOST popular, talented. travelled dj's in south Florida.

His website is Here.

A member of the the infamous Big BlackChiney sound, and a practicing trinidadian...dread.

He's played along side Xcalibur, and Dawg E Slaughter in Trindad's Carnival for the past few years running, Nextt year with TRIBE!! and is the BEST HYPE MAN that you can Hope for.

He is just ONE of the featured sounds on the road with Vibrationzz this year.
So...look for him on the road.


buublenut said...

Looking forward to the road. Glad to see you live in Miami - now I know where to get all my insider info from!!!

HQ said...

I can't wait!! LOL. So excited to get all peacocked out. Now what color jewels will I wear? LOL

And I am playing with Tribe too! Woo-hooo! Bring on d mas!!

skank said...

Yo this miami carnival is goin to be off the chain, and i aint gonna lie taken these pics was a huge rastafari thing for me lol.

So wen u see me on the road PASS ME A DRINK AND TEK A WINE!!!

Shanna said...


The Wonderer said...

Hahah.. what they say about payback?? SOrry I wont be there!! :(

Bagogyul said...

Cliv' oh gawd...gyul I done pack already. LOL!

Tell Walshy add to his playlists for the Road:
Machel Wining Season
Patrice Roberts Wukking UP
Ziggy Ranking Luv how yuh wining

CNDN-in-FL said...

Wah Wow! Our Truck is going to be OFF THE FRICKIN CHAIN!!! I can't wait gurl!!! I'll be in the green sneakers!