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Most of you know that I play mas in heels...YES HEELS!!! [Miami..NOT TRINIDAD] lol..not recommended for everybody but for me its the most comfortable. I played mas in sneakers four years ago and my feet were raw and bruised and swollen for weeks after.

My sister played in sneakers a few years ago and ended up losing a both had missing nails for I ONLY OWN open toed shoes!! cousin and friends that play mas with me usually get cute little shoes that are pre-decorated or that we dress up ourselves.

I got a few requests to make boots for some people for Miami And Trinidad this year
so I'm gonna show some that I've done before and some prototypes for this year-

I was browsing today and found some flats that I know Bago gyal and Leslie might like so I thought Id share em.

They Have these in silver and Gold at Bakers.. more my
but I'm still deciding on my colors...Ventilated, broad heel to absorb impact.

These are cute...but even though the lining might be good for comfort .
all that fur in the heat is MURDER

Still searchin...will post updates soon.


Wow...that's different, but unique!

Beautiful heels (the ones that are more up to your speed :)

sasha m!chelle

Bagogyul said...

No way not me and flats.
I need a heel either wedge or platform.