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Wednesday, September 19, 2007 Clivia R 4 Comments

I'm so lucky my outta town visitors for Carnival are MIAMI VETERANS. I dont have to baby sit them and they could Party with the best of them. I love my Cousins!!! If we ain't go to the same fete, we will meet up at the next one!!
What's not to LOVE in that???

DISCLAIMER!! These are MY Choices. Remember there are PLENTY of ALTERNATE options for these fetes!! In fact if you want Post what you think your move gonna be that Night...and if we pass in the street give a sister a Hail UP!!

Confirmed: Thursday Night: IGNITE!

Outside of this being a TRIBE endorsed party, Island Elite puts on one of THE BEST SOCA PARTIES IN MIAMI!! VIbes Nice, Pretty People, style for days, and always little extras to put it over the top.

Of course Remember too that they are participating in the Miami carnival as Island Elite Mas and if it weren't for their last minute switch to Miami From Broward...we were ALMOST SALOON GIRLS this year!!

But all is fair in Love and MAS.

Moving Along:

Confirmed Friday:
Black And White

People Tickets for this now are at 30.00.
As of SATURDAY they go up to 40.00.

If alyuh want let me know and we will make money arrangements. If not..who Vex lost.
I think this party is where everybody gonna bounce up everybody.
I have friends from college in Tobago, old Flava Girl masqueraders, Online Carnival stalkers that I never met in Person...EVERYBODY linking up at Black and white. They should call this the Miami Carnival Meet and Greet!!

Stay Tuned for More Confirmations


Watch nuh!!! I sign up just so I could say that, AH READYYYYYYY!!! Blood Fyah!!! I make a reall good hype man you know.

CNDN-in-FL said...

Where are you going Saturday???? We still don't know whether to do a day fete (even though we'd be coming in at 10am that day from Flag party) or do a nioght fete and be tired the next day for Carnival...where are you going?

Cliviaalana said...

I know Bago and they have plans for a Day fete....I'm really not sure what I'm doing yet because i may be helping out with distributions....

Bagogyul said...

Saturday Day fete's are out for me.
I'll be helping out at the Mascamp.

Saturday night I'm going to Tao All Inclusive and then Freinds.