Inspirational Post of the Day - Energy or...Don't Hold On to Doo Doo

Thursday, September 27, 2007 Clivia R 0 Comments

"Energy is neither created or destroyed but Changes from one Form to Another"

The Argument exists that we are all products of our environment. I believe it has an effect on us yes, but I don't think it completely defines who we are. A person is Much More than its Environment.

However a lot can be said about the people we surround ourselves with. Make sure the people you keep around have the same goals you do. I'm not saying go to the extremes of cutting and dicing your associations cause they don't match yours, but make sure the people you keep around you:

Share Your Energy level..
Your Ambitions,
Your Ethics...
Your Work Ethic,
Have the Ability to make Hard decisions in a Crunch..
Have the same resolve you do..
Accept Your Differences,
Know your Flaws But LOVE you Anyway...
CAN SINCERELY and EASILY Apologize when they Hurt you ...

Like a Radio Host said last Night...I SWEAR she was talking STRAIGHT AT Me...she might as well have called my Name out..

If your crew is Dizzy...and they not acting Right ....They need to get LEFT!!!"

Simple HUH? I added my own:

If you have to change your friends name to Croissant ...cause they so damn FLAKY...Let Them Go..

If you shake your head when you see the number show up on your Caller ID ..Delete it..

And surround yourself with energy that:

Moves you...
Inspires you to Grow and Learn and TRY!!
Energy that will EBB when your's is WANING..
A BRACE when yours is FALTERING..
A COVER when yours has FAILED YOU..
and a HALO when JOY Finds YOU!!

Don't Hold on to DOO DOO ...just makes you DIRTY AND STINKY TOOO