MIAMI Carnival 2007 - Registered bands

Thursday, September 13, 2007 Clivia R 2 Comments

Acapai Players "MASQUERADE" with music by: DJ
contact: Patricia Roberts 786-337-0552

BIC Sounds "FIRE & ICE" with music by: DJ Bic Sounds
contact: Jason Cumming (407)416-6433

China Mas Group "IT'S CARNIVAL" with music by: DJ Maestro
contact: Alicia Gibbs 305.969.2981

Cutler Ridge/Soca Hut "WILD 'TING" with music by: DJ Soca Tech
contact: Mahadeo Church Maraj 305.253.0105

D' Gathering "NEPTUNE'S PLAYGROUND" with music by: DJ
contact: Inskip Morris 954.478.0681

Generation X "KALEIDOSCOPE" with music by: DJs Lalo and Dorenzo
contact: Gregory Antoni 305-233-0697

Island Elite "INTO THE WEST" with music by: DJ
contact: Jonathan Suite 786-351-4882

MAC International "TRIBES" with music by: DJ
contact: Darryl Garib 305.303.1876

Miami Pan Symphony Steel Orchestra 2001 Inc. "PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN" with music by: Steel Band
contact: Carol Barnet (305)233-6135

Natural Freaks "DUTTY" with music by: DJ Natural Freaks
contact: Grayson Peters 718.781.2129

Party Room Squad "FROM THE GARDEN OF GOOD AND EVIL" with music by: DJ
contact: Carl Montes 305.625.0492

Scruples "WILD 'TING" with music by: DJs High Fidelity & Soca Tech
contact: Irwin Lee 305-987-9792

Skan D Lus International "BLAST FROM THE PAST" with music by: DJ Supreme Team
contact: Ivy Lewis 786-380-3038

TNT Misfits "TBA" with music by: DJ
contact: Tiffany 954-865-3195

Vibrationzz "INTO THE OASIS" with music by: DJ Rhythm International
contact: Kizzy Alleyne 954-655-5597

Wassi Ones "UNMASKED 2020" with music by: DJ Eternal Vibes and Giselle D' Wassi One
contact: Giselle Blanche 305.757.6234/786-314


Bagogyul said...

When will we know the official line up of the bands?
And route, is it going to be like in 04' with Madarin Martini :( or in 05' with Elation :) ?


Cliviaalana said...

I believe it's the route like Elation. In a week or so they will choose numbers for the order of the bands, and we'll find out if there will be a stage.

Miami Carnival is finally updating its web site so maybe soon we could have the route information..