Miami Carnival Fete Guest List ettiquette

Wednesday, September 26, 2007 Clivia R 2 Comments

So of course, we're down to crunch time.
Hopefully if you planned right, your tickets were bought in advance...cause they will RAPE you at the door!!

But if you've done like me, and made a blinking spreadsheet of the events you're going to attend, the advance ticket price...[cause it cheaper] and paid for these things in advance, you have a certain calm at this point.

Cause costume paid for, tickets in strong box...outfits planned....all you have to worry about now is Accessories, Style Issues, and drinking money,[ sometimes not even that if you have an all inclusive planned in].

Unfortunately I have some friends, who didn't listen to my sage advice about advance purchasing of tickets....and now they STRESSING and trying to STRESS me in the process.

STEUPS. Did I not email this spreadsheet to everybody?? Did I not explain the advantages of upfront purchasing??

THEN you have the gall to ask me to do a HOOK UP FOR YOU???!!???!!

LET ME EXPLAIN SOMETHING...granted, in all honesty, the events that I'm going to this weekend are ...hmm...shit ...ALL being hosted by people I know and have worked with at some point or other. In fact at one, if not 3 of the events, my money has no value in terms of admissions on a REGULAR BASIS....So of course if I pushed the issue i may be comped for entry.


Crowds bigger, potential for Profit is HUMONGOUS...people who relaxed at the door on a monthly basis cause is FAMILY coming through the door don't give a rat's ass if Clivia been standing at the gate for 40 minutes, because the regular girl who works the door when the crowd average been replaces by a cranky Aunty that they ask to help with the massive increase in numbers and when SHE don't KNOW YOU...she don't KNOW YOU!!

Why you run the risk of putting yourself in a position where people either laughing at you cause you walk up Big and Bold and yelling those famous words....."I'm on the list"..then stand up there for an hour while they ignore you and let other people in...while security keep telling ..PAY OR LEAVE!!! PAY OR LEAVE!!! and then finally sheep facedly STILL have to pay your money to get inside..

NON VIP of course....and then instead of enjoying your stand up looking for the promoter whole night to get UPGRADED to vip or worse you stand up in a loud ass party with music playing and you calling the promoter on his cell. ...IN THAT NOISE!! ON THAT NIGHT!!

I personally have been known to turn my phone off in the middle of a large event cause what matters THEN is only the people who could tap you on your shoulder and tell you something...

Anyways as I was saying...

To avoid all of that drama..

I BUY my tickets advance, VIP if available...and if i didn't and I happen to see the Promoter while I'm there...if he is really YOUR people on the VIP list always profess...they'll upgrade you themselves.

Look at it like this...if they have been good to you all year in terms of free entry and service, this ONE can afford to PAY them their due...

Show them you appreciate THEM this time...Buy A Ticket!!


CNDN-in-FL said...

Real Talk Gurl
Save up the 10-20 you saved for the year and support!

Nix said...

OMG!! Toooooo frigging funny, and sad to say... TRUE!!! Save a cup of corn soup for me!! I don't know why yuh doan just email mi di damn recipe!!