2007 Florida Carnival updates

Friday, September 07, 2007 Clivia R 2 Comments

So here are the updates:

I'm trying very hard to not subscribe to the rumor mill, and feel free anybody to dispute what I say in this regard. But I have been told, by someone who I Believe is a reputable source , that as of yet Broward Carnival is yet to have confirmation of its Venue for the Carnival event planned.

I can just imagine how frustrating that is for the bands like Island Elite and Mascots that are registered for the carnival. Although My choice this year is to remain in Miami, it's hard to have this overshadow the spirit of Carnival , and I wish them the best.

On another note this is the music confirmed on the road for Vibrationzz:

Music by: Walshy Killa (Black Chiney) & Rhythm International out of NY and T&T Special guest artist KMC performing live on the road. Sound system provided by Pow'r House Int'l and Pictures by Miami Dymes photographer Ernie P. Live Video by "DT Videography" .

Lord allyou see tings??

Ernie P is a friend of mine and he is an AMAZING photographer and was really instrumental in helping me with my makeup bookings [plus a personal photoshoot] Thanks ErnieBernie.

The people that have contacted me about boots forgive me...I will have pictures up on Saturday. Mi head hot I been so busy.

A birdie told me that registration gonna close soon on the sections too, so that the executive board can focus on making sure that EVERY need ismet for the registered masqueraders.

Also VIBRATIONZZ is an all-inclusive band. They offer a full premium bar, for all masqueraders 21 and above. Free food for masqueraders. Costumes are produced by Marcus Luke formally of Poison currently with Trini Revellers, as a part of D' Crew organization. Vibrationzz is brought to you by the efforts of Rhythm International and Vibrationz, Inc.

The countdown is on people.
Jammin Down the Roaddd


Bagogyul said...

Oh yeah!
We Readddddddddyyyyyyyyyy, We Readddyyyyyyy for mas again!

The Wonderer said...

Yeaaaa Ernie!!!

Have fun guys!!!